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Things to Do in Tarrytown, New York

As a village tucked away in the town of Greenburgh, New York, Tarrytown offers both visitors and residents the ideal small-town atmosphere they’re searching for outside of New York City. It only makes sense then that the village was named by Movoto as the second greatest place to live in the state of New York in 2014.

So what makes Tarrytown such a great place to live in and visit for anyone heading to the New York Tri-State area? Well, apart from the great people who live in Tarrytown, it has to be the incredible list of things to do while you’re there, whether it’s dining at a popular restaurant, dropping in at one of the village’s top entertainment venues or experiencing the best in New York outdoor areas.

Today, we at Lighthouse Ice Cream Kompany will be highlighting some of the better things to do in Tarrytown, every one of which pairs perfectly with our own delicious homemade ice creams, mouthwatering gelatos, tasty coffees or other scrumptious items at our shop on Main Street.

Outdoor Fun in Tarrytown

If you’re ready to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air, here are two places we recommend visiting for a restful and relaxing day.


Sunnyside is the former home and estate of the late writer Washington Irving, author of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. While the home has been restored and features many artifacts from the writer’s life, the real beauty of the location is found outdoors, where tour guides will walk you through the picturesque surroundings that feature several species of tall trees, floral gardens and beautifully manicured greenery.

Pierson Park

With just over 5 acres sitting alongside the Hudson River, Pierson Park provides unparalleled views of the Manhattan Skyline and Tappan Zee Bridge, as well as direct access to the 51-mile Westchester County Riverwalk. It’s a great place for hiking, fishing, cycling, walking your pets or watching Mother Nature in all its splendor. Another great benefit of the park is its close proximity to our shop – so stop in and grab an ice cream cone on your way!

Indoor Entertainment in Tarrytown

During the colder months of the year, or when you’re looking for a great place for a night out, Tarrytown offers some great venues for indoor entertainment of every variety.

Tarrytown Music Hall

One of the earliest theaters built in the United States, Tarrytown Music Hall hosts a wide array of events perfectly suited for anyone, whether you enjoy classic films, live music, theater or special performances. The site was renovated in 2013, but still looks and acts the part of a historic location, so be sure to visit if you want to see what the late 19th century looked like in New York State’s Tarrytown.


If you’re interested in visiting another historic site in Tarrytown, then you’ll definitely want to make time for a tour of the Gothic Revival mansion known as Lyndhurst. Architecturally brilliant in every way, the mansion isn’t the only highlight of the famed estate, with a grounds that are equally as stunning, as well as the site’s collection of decorative arts that adorn its interior.

Top Tarrytown Restaurants

As a creator of fine artisan ice creams, Lighthouse Ice Cream Kompany holds a special place in our hearts (and tummies) for Tarrytown’s other great eateries. Be sure to check out these local Tarrytown restaurants.


Known for its authentic Korean menu, Bibille is a great place for everything from sizzling spicy to moderately mild ingredients that all come together to perfection. And they certainly don’t let you leave hungry, as every meal comes piled high with your choice of fixings from their sizable menu.

Lubins and Links

Lubins and Links serves up some of the best American food in the area, using its own creation, the Lubin, to draw in thousands of happy customers. For those who haven’t been introduced, a Lubin is a seasoned, slow-roasted beef that’s sliced and served on a classic hot dog bun. Sounds great, right? Well, if not, then you’ll definitely want to try their 100% all-beef hot dog instead, with your choice of specialty toppings, just like we do here at Lighthouse Ice Cream Kompany.




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