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Halloween in Tarrytown, New York


Of all the cities and towns across the U.S., few are as devoted to Halloween as Tarrytown, New York. And if you are someone who is just as enthusiastic about the holiday, you will definitely want to plan a visit to Tarrytown this October.
What makes Tarrytown in October so great? Its history, of course. A history that comes from the author of one of the scariest, but most memorable short stories of all-time: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Today this legend is still celebrated by the residents of Tarrytown and thousands of visitors who make their way to the area each Halloween season. Whether you’re watching the Tarrytown Halloween Parade, visiting The Horseman’s Hollow or seeing a dramatic performance of Irving’s Legend, your visit to Tarrytown will absolutely get you excited for the year’s most haunted holiday.

Early Tarrytown

As a work of fiction, not too many people know that Irving’s story grew out of Tarrytown’s true-to-life roots. Not only was Tarrytown itself considered to be haunted, but Sleepy Hollow was named as one of the most “haunted places in the world” by numerous people throughout history.

This kind of atmosphere provided ample material for folk tales, which were often told in homes, pubs and around campfires by many of the villagers living in the area. And it wasn’t long before these legends took on a more supernatural nature, and permanently linking the area with Halloween forevermore.


Washington Irving’s Tarrytown Legend

First published in 1820, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow was part of an assortment of 34 essays and short stories by Irving, though it quickly became the collection’s most haunting and unforgettable tale.

The story begins in a wooded glen known as Sleepy Hollow, located on the outskirts of Tarry Town, and a place many locals already believed was haunted by ghosts. It is here we find Ichabod Crane, a superstitious schoolmaster who was getting ready to ask a wealthy land owner’s daughter for her hand in marriage.

Before he is able to, however, a competitor by the name of Abraham “Brom Bones” Van Brunt steps in to make things a little more difficult for Ichabod Crane. One night, at the harvest party where Ichabod intends to make his proposal, Van Brunt joins other villagers in telling ghostly legends of Sleepy Hollow, and sends Ichabod into a panic that ultimately leads to a failure in his proposal.

Leaving the party, Ichabod then travels through some of the very haunted areas spoken about that evening, where he is confronted by the Headless Horseman who begins chasing after this frightened schoolmaster. Hoping to outrun the Horseman, Ichabod heads over a bridge to escape his fate, only to have the Horseman follow and remove any hope of fleeing.

The next morning, Ichabod has disappeared, and only his wandering horse and a smashed pumpkin are left behind as a sign of what took place that autumn night. As a result, the daughter is left to marry “Brom Bones”, who is said to have played the part of the Headless Horseman that scared poor Ichabod out of town for good.

Our Own Tarrytown History

Though our history is just beginning in Tarrytown, Lighthouse Ice Cream Kompany has been proud to be a part of the area since 2011, when we started serving our handmade ice cream, coffees, teas and other scrumptious items to residents and visitors.

Just two miles away from Sleepy Hollow, we are the ideal spot for families and friends to gather together before heading off for a day of hair-raising Halloween activities or a night of frightful events. Not only is the Tarrytown train station just steps away from our location, we’re also right next to the Riverwalk at Hudson Harbor. Visit us this month for a taste of Tarrytown’s best!




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