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Each year, Americans spend a total of $40 billion dollars on coffee drinks, according to research conducted at Harvard University, which certainly shows our intense love for the caffeinated beverage. Yet, even our love for coffee pales in comparison with the rest of the world, especially when you discover that coffee is the second most traded commodity value-wise on the Earth – and the United States is only 8th in terms of coffee consumption, well behind Finland who leads with a nearly 10-cup average per person, per day.

But where did this passion for coffee really begin? Today we take a look at the history of coffee and how it’s evolved over many centuries, growing from a region...

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Of all the cities and towns across the U.S., few are as devoted to Halloween as Tarrytown, New York. And if you are someone who is just as enthusiastic about the holiday, you will definitely want to plan a visit to Tarrytown this October.
What makes Tarrytown in October so great? Its history, of course. A history that comes from the author of one of the scariest, but most memorable short stories of all-time: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Today this legend is still celebrated by the residents of Tarrytown and thousands of visitors who make their way to the area each Halloween season. Whether you’re watching the Tarrytown Halloween Parade, visiting The Horseman’s Hollow or seeing a d...

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While they might be the close cousins of the dessert world, gelato and ice cream each have a few differences that really distinguish themselves from each other. In fact, we at Lighthouse Ice Cream Kompany have discovered that many of our customers generally prefer one over the other.

But even with these preferences in mind, not too many people really know what sets these two mouthwatering treats apart when it comes to how they’re made. Today, we give you the scoop on what really makes the difference between these two all-time favorites: gelato and ice cream.

The Gist on Gelato

Over the years, we’ve heard stories of customers flying all the way to Italy with a sizable to-do list, and...

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As a village tucked away in the town of Greenburgh, New York, Tarrytown offers both visitors and residents the ideal small-town atmosphere they’re searching for outside of New York City. It only makes sense then that the village was named by Movoto as the second greatest place to live in the state of New York in 2014.

So what makes Tarrytown such a great place to live in and visit for anyone heading to the New York Tri-State area? Well, apart from the great people who live in Tarrytown, it has to be the incredible list of things to do while you’re there, whether it’s dining at a popular restaurant, dropping in at one of the village’s top entertainment venues or experie...

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While some celebrities avoid indulging in anything that will keep them from looking their best for movies, television or other types of performances, many prefer keeping special treats as a fundamental part of their healthy diet. Below are 5 well-known celebrities who have a particular fondness for the deliciousness of ice cream-related desserts.


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According to an interview with Contact Music’s Bang Showbiz, Rihanna has told her personal trainer that chocolate ice cream is an absolutely necessary part of her eating regime, and she’s willing to go the extra mile during workouts to keep the dessert on the menu. As she said in the interview when referring to her love ...

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According to a recent poll by The National Confectioners’ Association, ice cream ranks as the second most popular dessert among a list of other worthy contenders, including cupcakes, cookies, pie and candy. It falls only second to cake, which we all know is a great companion to this delicious treat.

Yet, even as popular as it is, not everyone is aware of the two millennia-long history of ice cream, and how this creamy pleasure has changed since its inception. So let’s take a look at how it all got started.

Ice Cream’s Origins

As you’d expect, nearly every country in the world claims to have been the first to discover ice cream, but its origins likely began with a frozen ...

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